How Does Ibogaine Work?

Beond Ibogaine is an Ibogaine clinic in Mexico that treats patients that are suffering from substance abuse. It has been discovered over the last 30 years that Ibogaine can significantly reduce the cravings from long-time use of drugs and alcohol.

Ibogaine for opiate addiction has been very successful in the treatment of opiate withdrawal. Whilst Ibogaine can help with reducing the need and desire for opioids at the same time it does not replace them, the patient does not begin to crave Ibogaine. The distraction that Ibogaine provides gives patients a chance to grab the opportunity and take advantage of halting their addiction.

Being admitted to the Beond Ibogaine clinic in Mexico offers patients the chance to try Alternative therapies for depression. As many addictions are associated with depression it is a welcome reprieve to learn of a clinic that offers this amazing alternative. Once the physical therapies are underway and the Ibogaine has been administered the clinicians begin to offer the patient alternative ways to go forward and remain drug-free.

Ibogaine has a psychedelic effect which provides a temporary disruption and during this time it is possible to use this as a catalyst for changing thought patterns. This has proved effective to treat other compulsive addictions such as gambling or eating disorders.

Success with any drug program is reliant on the continued treatment once the patient leaves the clinic. They will be advised to continue with talk therapy to increase their family support and spiritual beliefs. Ibogaine has not been approved as a treatment for depression or substance abuse in the United States but is legally administered in Mexico, New Zealand, and several other countries worldwide.

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