The benefits of drinking tea

Tea is a staple drink for millions of people around the world, in both the western and eastern hemisphere. Most drink it out of habit several times a day. What most of them do not realize, is that drinking tea has a whole of host of health benefits.

Increased immunity

According to research, tea has a positive effect on our immune system. Green tea has a lot of the flavonoids and polyphenols that contribute to high levels of antioxidant activity. This activity is known to slow down degenerative disease by helping against free radicals, which by various pathways, can damage the body’s cells.

You need a daily intake of approximately 300-400mg of polyphenols, which in practical terms is about four cups of green tea. Even white tea is known to have high levels and would also be an effective immune booster.

Weight loss aid

Another benefit that people don’t connect is its utility as a weight loss aid. There are two reasons for this. First, tea is a metabolic stimulant, burning more calories and giving you more energy, especially if it’s before a workout. Second, the caffeine is tea also contributes as an appetite suppressant. If you are one of many are who don’t tolerate high levels of caffeine in coffee, tea could be a good option. If you Buy Aged Pu-erh tea, you also have the added benefit of Improving heart health.

Tea is a miracle drink. Generation Tea has many types of tea, from green tea, white tea, or oolong, and despite which one you choose, each has its own benefits. The best advice anyone can give is to give each on a try.

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