How to Find the Best Periodontist and Attorney in California

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You might be searching for a great periodontist and attorney in California today. It can be daunting to find just the right individual. When it comes to a periodontist, it’s so important to find someone with good experience who can handle your case with care. And that’s true for malpractice attorneys as well.

Though we all expect to get excellent care when going to the dentist or periodontist, sometimes odd things do happen. Maybe the doctor wasn’t feelings well or was having a busy day. In some cases, the periodontist simply has too many patients; it’s hard to keep up with everyone’s medical information.

You can file a claim!

If you believe you’ve received sub-standard care from a dentist or periodontist, then you can take legal action. You have three years from the date of the incident to file your claim. Remember to make good notes about exactly what happened. Take care to note the times and the names of other people who were there and could testify.

Though we all hope that you receive the best care from your dentist or periodontist, there are cases where something goes wrong. Some patients report that they received incorrect treatment for their ailment. Others say that the periodontist accidentally injured them while performing treatment. In some cases, the patient had a serious medical problem and the dentist missed this in his or her exam.

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