The best Italian restaurants in NYC #1

If there is one standout thing about Italy, it is that they’ve created so many iconic dishes that transcend the hearts and taste buds of many people across the world. New York City isn’t spared, with the city having some of the world’s potent Italian cuisine culture. It’s infamous with some of the best Italian restaurants, serving delectable Italian favorites that can make anyone’s taste buds go wild. We’ve listed them below:


Located in the Bronx, Roberto gives its restaurant goers a modern take of Italian restaurants in America. And while their restaurant look is ever so stylish, their food and drinks are equally as spectacular with a sophisticated wine list and a menu that features delectable dishes such as pasta and seasonal vegetables steamed “in cartoccio. Sounds good right!


Celeste in our opinion, is the best restaurant in New York, Upper West Side. Not only do they have a great ambiance, and service – where restaurant-goers are welcomed with a warm greeting, their dishes are impeccable. They serve amazing plates of pasta and pizzas, with their pizzas having that char from a wood-fired oven that we all like. And if you are looking to taste a great pasta dish then you should try their popular tagliatelle with shrimp, cabbage, and sheep’s milk cheese. 

Tramezzini NYC

Named one of the 14 best sandwich shops in NYC, Tramezzini‘s crustless neat triangular sandwiches melt in your mouth with the layers of tasty filling served in each sandwich. Some of their most popular fillings include egg salad, shrimp, anchovies, prosciutto, and various veggies. Did we mention they might very well serve the most soft sandwiches in NYC. They are one you’d have to try out.

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