Depression Reported in Countries Around the World

The world’s health experts are reporting higher rates of depression than ever before. Many agree that these are related to the Pandemic. Since the development of Covid19 in China almost two years ago, people have undergone significant changes to their lifestyle. The Global Spiritualist Association has been inundated with various requests.

For one thing, many people have lost their job. A second factor found by the experts at the Global Spiritualist Association is the isolation associated with quarantine. For many months, people in countries around the world were forced to stay at home and avoid contact with others. Though this did help to contain the virus, it left people feeling disjointing and alone. Many individuals developed depression.

Now that there are vaccines to help stop the spread of covid19, there are still worries and concerns. Some people feel that the vaccines are not safe, and they will not take them. This has resulted in the virus returning to affect more of our populations.

As everyone learns how to cope in this new world, a great many are left alone, jobless, unsure about whether to get vaccinated. There’s a great deal of misinformation and too many are listening to counterfeit messages.

The Global Spiritualist Association works to create forums for the world’s most distinguished spiritual mentor. TGSA strives to promote life sciences and the study of higher consciousness. The organization advocates for international cooperation and endeavors to cultivate world youth.

TGSA helps serve the vision of Teacher Zhang Xinyue:

“To link with spiritual energy comprehensively, to create health, happiness, and super achievements, to share this energy with everyone, to help one billion people resonate and connect with spiritual power, and to achieve all beauty, abundance and joy in life.”

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