What are assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities offer seniors help to complete daily living activities such as cooking, keeping house, and traveling to meet appointments. An assisted living facility Pasadena does offer more personal care in comparison to a retirement community but with less medical care compared to a nursing home.

Assisted living facilities offer 24-hour care with residents receiving privacy and independence when they prefer. Some facilities offer apartment-style living spaces with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Often these facilities will include group dining areas plus common social and recreational activities.

Seniors may find deciding to leave their homes difficult. However, it is best to explore options to find the best facility that matches your needs. If you are unsure an assisted living facility is best for you, consider the following:

Do you require more assistance from friends and family than they can provide? Is daily living becoming difficult or stressful? Some seniors may also feel lonely and isolated living on their own. Additionally, if you think safety is a concern, it may be time to look into an assisted living facility.

Although adjusting to a new living environment with new people can be a big adjustment, in the beginning, it can become an enjoyable experience with the right attitude. To make the adjustment easier, clearly understand what to expect by asking the facility if you can visit the residents and spend some time before making a decision. This can also highlight any areas of concern before a contract is signed.

One of the most recommended places in Glendale is Glen Terra Senior Assisted Living. This is a lovely place in the heart of Glendale with spacious apartments. They offer a beautiful dining room, game rooms, a home theatre, hair salon and restaurant style cuisine, along with a long list of other amenities. This is a premier assisted living facility in Los Angeles county with great reviews and feedback.

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